Ako podporovať aktivity JA Slovensko?


Mgr. Ľubomíra Záňová, SOŠ Potravinárska, Topoľčany

I am glad that I can teach this subject (More than Money). For my kids it is interesting, they can see the practical use and reality we offer them through this subject. Even average students are interested, mobilized and active while dealing with financial literacy.

Mgr. Eva Vanečková, Gymnázium, Poštová ulica, Košice

In the beginning of the school year we start the project with children and at the end of it you can see confident and responsible young people who changed just before your eyes. Applied economics changes students and reminds you, why you had once become a teacher and why you are still one.

Dominik Kozmáli, student, Obchodná akadémia, Levice

Applied economics gives you what other subject can’t – knowledge you can really use in practise. It gives you the opportunity to try something in substantial reality, you meet people, who provides you advice and support your ideas or development. You will think as an entrepreneur, not an employee, because instead of „must“ you will start using „want“. And finally, you will keep experience and memories for ever.

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