Ako podporovať aktivity JA Slovensko?




JA Slovakia educational programs reflect the actual needs of schools, labour market and society. They have a long term character and are intended for primary and secondary schools.



We teach the youngest pupils in primary schools that „no pain, no gain“ and that money does not grow on trees. They get familiar with financial literacy through the eye-catching pictures and a main character Filip and his stories based on real situations.



JA Business Basics

Fifth and sixth graders in elementary schools get practical information about the organization and functioning of a company. They experience how a business operates and acquire many ideas to seek possibilities of their further professions.



JA Applied Economy

Secondary school students set up their own businesses, where, through the real experience, they develop their communication, personal and business competencies. They grasp the problems of the company functioning since its inception to a dissolution.



JA Travel and Tourism Business

Thanks to this program secondary school students get familiar with the world of tourism. They are motivated to engage in activities in their communities and to seek new solutions for business development and active tourism of their regions.



JA Business Ethics

"Current way of life brings devaluation of terms like morality and ethics. This program is the one that prepares high school students for real situations in life. Through case studies students explore different aspects of problems using interactive tools.



JA E-book on Economics and Business

18 chapters have been compiled for secondary school students to gradually learn more about the functioning of economics, market, government's role, marketing as well as the business and management. Training is provided through an advanced online portal.



More than Money

Even eighth graders in elementary schools and all secondary school students should be able to handle finances efficiently and responsibly. They should know how the financial world operates and also that financial literacy is not just about money. They´ll learn that during this program.