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Global Enterprise Project

Global Enterprise Project was established to promote a better understanding of globalization, entrepreneurship and experience needed to succeed in the global economy among young people. In Slovakia, this project is implemented with the support of Siemens Slovakia.

GEP consists of three parts:

  • online platform ans a quiz,
  • classroom visits (consutlants with students),
  • student company focused on the international business.

There is a quiz available on the web, designed to test the basic students‘ knowledge About globalization. It should by completed before classroom visits.


GEP brings professionals from various fields to schools. Conversations with them can help students understand the importance of globalization, and individual jobs and professions in the world. Consultants lead a 1- to 2-hours educational activities and discussions on global issues in everyday business. Meetings are always applied in agreement of the teacher and the consultant.

International Business

Students set up student companies that simulate join stock company. In one school year they have to go through all the steps of a comapany functioning from its inception, planning activities, marketing research to its disposal and distribution of profits at the end of the school year. With this practical experience students gain the opportunity to apply acquired theoretical knowledge into practice immediately. They learn not only economics but also responsibility, decision making and manage business.

The program provides a space for international trade focused mainly on co-operation and sale of goods and services between companies - international partnerships are created through online platform www.jaewb.org.

In JA Entrepreneurial Talents Trade Fair on 22 March 2016 one of the categories was Enterprise without borders. The winnig team MANSON, Gymnázium, Školská 2, Dubnica nad Váhom, will participate at online international final Global Enterprise Award.


Are you interested in this project? For more information you can contact us on the below mentioned contact. The project is taught in Slovak language only (in Slovakia).


Denis Baranček | program assistent | +421 948 212 905| barancek@jaslovensko.sk

More information about GEP on www.globalenterpriseproject.eu.