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Skills For the Future

If you are interested in automobile industry, the project Skills for the Future is just for you. It is intended for all those who are interested in science, technology and engineering.

Through the practical side of the business you will better understand the basic economic principles. In addition to knowledge and skills acquiring, you will also work on your personal development. The project itself consists of a student company, where you will acquire your first work experience, meet Hyundai employees and will experience the atmosphere of various competitions and other inspiring events.

Student company

Theoretical knowledge you will acquire directly in practice. Together with your classmates you will set up a student company that simulates a joint stock company in the automobile industry. The purpose is to give young people a chance to break into the issues of company functioning from its inception to a disposal. During the work you will learn the practical side of the business and company management, learn to communicate, collaborate, think creatively and solve problems.

Meetings with consultants

Experts from different Hyundai departments come to schools where you can directly communicate with them. They will share their expertise with you.

National final

For all the participating schools there is an opportunity to enter a competition JA Entrepreneurial Talents Trade Fair, where Hyundai awards The best idea of the product or service in the automotive industry.

International final

The winning team has an opportunity to enter the European final Hyundai Skills for the Future Award, which brings the best ideas and teams from across Europe together. This year, in the international final in Madrid, Slovakia will be to represented by ZEAL JA Company, Gymnázium Sv. T. Akvinského, Zbrojničná 3, Košice, which won the first place awardwas in the Skills for the Future Award.


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For more information about the project Skills for the Future visit www.skillsforthefuture.eu.