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JA Applied Economics

This program will teach you business by „learning-by doing“ method. It develops your educational, communicative, personal and working competencies necessary for your successful start in the labour market. This program consists of three basic pillars - theory, JA Company (student company) and a  consultant.


JA Company

You will acquire theoretical knowledge directly in practice - under the guidance of a teacher and a consultant, together with your classmates, you will set up a student company that simulate join stock company. Thus you will penetrate into the process of a company functioning from its inception to a disposal. During the school year you will get familiar with the practical side of the business and management of the company, learn to communicate, collaborate, think creatively and solve problems.

You will vote your management and by the issue of shares you will obtain your basic capital. Based on a market research you will subsequently prepare your business plan, produce and sell your products by using various marketing methods. At the end of the year you will close the bookkeeping and prepare annual reports, pay dividends to your shareholders and dispose your company in accordance with the applicable regulations.

The company itself is not a  fictitious matter. You will work with real money and offer real products and services.


Theory is taught through the interactive online textbook www.vzdelavanie.jaslovensko.sk. It will help you better understand the basic principles of economics and the basic characteristics of a free market system with an emphasis on private property, competition and pricing system.

Voluntary consultant

In the course of your business you will also meet voluntary consultants - experts from business and management practice, who will visit your class. They will share their business experiences with you.


Are you interested in this program? Would you like it to be realized in your school or class? Fill in this form and we will contact your teacher, or you can contact us on the contact below. The program is taught in Slovak language only.


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