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JA Travel and Tourism Business

It is an educational program focused on domestic tourism. It will navigate you in the world of tourism, motivate to get involved in your community life, communicate with people and identify needs of the region and customers. Our goal is to show you how to look for new solutions for business development and active tourism in your region.

All the information you can find on the internet, web pages or by a direct communication. You will learn about culture and traditions of other countries which will later help you to prepare offers for visitors. The result of your work will be your own order catalogue, a business plan, promotional materials about the region or an exchange visit for a partner school.

In the second year of the program, together with your classmates, you can set up a student company in the tourism sector, which simulates a joint stock company with a real product. You will vote your management, prepare your business plan, raise your capital by selling shares, keep books and implement your business plan.

The purpose of a student company is to enable young people to break into the company functioning issues from its inception to a disposal. Through the practical side of the business you will learn to communicate, collaborate, think creative and solve problems under the guidance of a teacher and a consultant.


Are you interested in this program? Would you like it to be realized in your school or class? Fill in this form and we will contact your teacher, or you can contact us on the contact below. The program is taught in Slovak language only.


Marián Beluško | program manager | +421 911 268 884 | belusko@jaslovensko.sk | www.pvcr.jaslovensko.sk