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More than Money

Educational program More than Money will improve your financial literacy and will teach you how to plan your future.

The content of the program is divided into 10 thematic units, which include the history of money, the role of banks and their services to the population, through practical information and experience in the use of credit cards up to the use of different loan forms and student loans. The individual chapters also contain a variety of tasks related to dealing with money, but above all emphasize on the development of knowledge in the field of financial education. Financial literacy improvement among young people in the program is implemented through experiential methods, consultants, practical exercises and interactive online textbook.

In the competition we would like to awaken creativity and innovative thinking in you and to develop independent work and financial literacy. In two-member teams you will bring your own solutions to the given topic and at the same time you will be improving your communication and presentation skills. In a managerial environments you will meet a jury - experts from practice and get feedback on your work.


Are you interested in this program? Would you like it to be realized in your school or class? Fill in this form and we will contact your teacher, or you can contact us on the contact below. The program is taught in Slovak language only.


Peter Kalčevský | program manager | +421 905 202 442 | kalcevsky@jaslovensko.sk | www.viacakopeniaze.sk