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JA Business Basics

Through this program you will learn a lot of new information on the functioning of the enterprise in the system of free enterprise. Voluntary consultant from the practice will you and your classmates explain five main themes of the business environment. The program lasts 5-7 weeks.



In a playful way we will introduce you to the world of finance. You will learn, where money come from to the family and what your parents must pay and also how to save. We will show you how to use money and basic principles of economy.


You will learn all the necessary things needed for starting a business, how important the education is for workers and managers, you will be able to recognize the costs associated with setting up a business or three basic forms of business organization and ownership.


After this lesson you will be able to recognize typical management decisions, distinguish features, beyond which the employers emphasize while selecting staff. A short test will shows you what job would already be suitable for you and together with your consultant you will imitate a job interview.


You will experience the difference between the piece and mass production, calculate labour productivity, define important terms related to production and you will be able to escribe how productivity affects management decisions.


What marketing is, what is behind this word? You will discover why advertising is important, what kind of ads are there and you will try whether you would be a good seller.


Are you interested in this program? Would you like it to be realized in your school or class? Fill in this form and we will contact your teacher, or you can contact us on the contact below. The program is taught in Slovak language only.


Erika Holičová | program manager | +421 948 466 123| holicova@jaslovensko.sk