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Creative cards

Creative cards are integrated set of teaching methods for problem solving during group work. It is a teaching tool for primary and secondary schools.


About the cards

The puropse of the Creative casrds is to assist in searching for new ideas and solutions. The package contains 52 different activities and games to help break the initial tension in the group, clearly identify the problem, look at it from different views, and then solve it.


Creative cards are divided itno 6 groups, which represent individual steps in problem solvnig:

1. Ice-breaking and ideas creation

Activities suitable for groups where the members do not know each other. They are used to break the tension and unite the group members as well as the initial brainstorming ideas.

2. Mapping and identification

Activities used for mapping, accurate definig and identifying problems.

3. Path to the problem

Activities that will lead you to the heart of the problem, its cause. They will help you in analyzing the reasons that makes the problems posed.

4. Testing and combining

Do you need to look at the problem and its causes and in a different light? Try using these activities.

5. Sorting and priorities

These group of cars will help you to decide what way to choose in problem solving and where to focus your attention.

6. Focusing and solving

This series of cards will help you choose the most appropriate solution and plan the first steps towards its implementation.


The set of Creative cards contains 52 different activities in total, a guide and 20 cards for your own notes and observations. Price per pack is 12, - € including postage. You can order them by filling up this form.

Revenues from sales will be used for the main activities of our non-profit organization.