Ako podporovať aktivity JA Slovensko?



Teacher training

Basic information

Teachers who are interested to realize JA Slovakia program in their school have to complete a specific educational training. They can sign up by fullfilling an online application form.

It is possible to complete the training and get credits (continuous innovative training for some programes) or not to get credits. In both cases it is necessary to complete the entire training. Training consists of several moduls, that are divided into period of max. 12 months. I tis possible to start realizing the program in school after the introductory methodological training of the program. The rest of the modules teachers take during the current school year.

More information about the single modules can be found on websites of the programs.


Application forms

A teacher interested in realization of the above mentioned programs has to complete an appropriate training (if not already completed). A teacher signs up for a training by filling up the application form. Registration fee is 50 € for a teacher.

In addition to applications for teacher training, the school application form for the program is also to be filled. The same school year when teachers complete the training, is the year when the school implements relevant program. School Application to the program be found on the websites of particular programs.


The program is taught in Slovak language only. Teacher training is also carried out in Slovak.