Ako podporovať aktivity JA Slovensko?



The international project Aspire would like to lead young people to easier graduating and their successful start in their first job. With AT&T Global Network Services Slovakia managers they acitvely participated at workshops for communication and presentation skills development, they tried to manage their own small projects, or experienced career day full job opportunities.

Activities in Aspire project are designed for students of different types of secondary schools from 14 to 19 years. They are much appreciated especially by students who try to manage thier student companies this year. They make use of the acquired skills and knowledge at JA Entrepreneurial Talents Trade Fair where they present their business plans, products and services to the public, compete in several categories.

Aspire project is implemented in five other countries (the UK, France, Germany, Israel and the Netherlands). We organized management skills trainings (Bratislava, Banská Bystrica, Košice) for more than 200 students. Also we prepared a workshop on presentation skills development and Innovation Camp for students.

Are you interested in this project? Read more here or contact the program manager on the below mentioned contact. The project is taught in Slovak language only.


Grétka Balátová | program manager | +421 948 243 004 | balatova@jaslovensko.sk