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Social Innovation Relay

Social Innovation Relay (SIR) the unique international project focused on enlightenment of social business and creation of business concepts. I tis organized with the participation of large number of European countriesm Singapor and Japan in cooperation with Nationale-Nederlanden (NN) company.

SIR challenges high school students to develop innovative business ideas that address social needs. Studnets work in 2 – 4 member teams and the team task is to develop a business idea in the field of social entrepreneurship. At the same time, project provides young people practical skills and business knowledge neccessary to run a successful career through a combination of virtual and face-to-face mentoring with experienced professionals and thus gain experience recognized in the European labor market.


Project objectives
  • higher awareness level of the existence of social and environmental problems in the community and the effort to be involved in their solution,
  • improving team skills,
  • improving problem solving techiques, creative thinking and decision-making skills,
  • better understanding of the importance of using ICT in the implementation of social and business initiatives,
  • communication and presentation skills improvement.