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JA Applied Economics

Educational program JA Applied Economics offers business, economic and financial training for students aged 17 to 19 years old. It is based on gaining practical experiences and skills i order to develope working, social and communicative competences of students. This learning-by-doing program consists of three basic pillars - theory, JA Company (student company) and consultant, which can be supplemented by other short-term educational projects.



Theory is taught by teachers through the interacitve online textbook that helps students to undrestand basic economic principles and values of free market via practicle examples.

JA Company (student company)

Students acquire theoretical knowledge directly in practice - under the guidance of a teacher and a consultant they set up student companies that simulate join stock company. Thus they penetrate into the process of a comapany functioning from its inception to a disposal. During the school year they get familiar with the practical side of the business and management of the company, learn to communicate, collaborate, think creatively and solve problems. The company itself is not a  fictitious matter. Students work with real money and offer real products and services.


To obtain real economic picture in the program is voluntary consultants - experts from the business and management environment are involved. They meet students in schools, share their experiences, help them to manage their student companies and complement their theoretical knowledge. Consultants become students‘ mentors.

Students learn
  • to get finance from selling the shares,
  • to create and use a bank account,
  • to cooperate during the market research realization and during the creation a business plan
  • to develope and improve their own product or service,
  • to promote thier products and services,
  • to sell thier products and services,
  • to manage their business finances,
  • to present at the fair.
Students gain business skills
  • creative thinking and problem solving,
  • selfconfidence,
  • communication and presentation skills,
  • abilitiy to negotiate and make decisions,
  • team work,
  • manage time, goals and risks.
Implementation of the program
  • JA Applied Economics i s designed for students of 1st to 4th grade of all types of secondary schools,
  • School subject Applied Economics can be realized in one or two years,
  • The teacher can guide several student companies, respectively several classes,
  • extent of the course is determined individually according to the needs and possibilities of the subject at school, 2-4 hours a week,
  • maximum fo students in a student company/class is 25,
  • registration fee for the educational program Applied Economics is 20 € / class,
  • program Applied Economics can be composed, accordingly to the needs, of several modules,
  • Materials are protected by JA Worldwide copyright.

Finally one apposite quote from the JA Applied Economics teacher, Mgr. Eva VANĚČKOVÁ, from the grammar school on Poštová Košice: „At the beginning of the school year you have the children in the project, at the end you are looking at young, confident and responsible people who matured before our eyes. Applied Economics change students and remind you why you once become a teacher and why you still are a teacher“.


Are you interested in this program? Read more directly at JA Applied Economics, or contact the program manager on the below mentioned contact. The program is taught in Slovak language only. Teacher training is also carried out in Slovak.


Grétka Balátová | program manager | +421 948 243 004 | balatova@jaslovensko.sk | www.ae.jaslovensko.sk