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JA Travel and Tourism Business

Educational program JA Travel and Tourism Business is a a year-long educational program focuse at so called incoming tourism. It can be taught as an alternative one or two years program suitable for 14-19-year-olds. It navigates young people in the world of tourism, motivates them to get involeved in their communities lives, communicate with people and identify needs of the regions and customers. It teaches them to look for new solutions for business development and active tourism in their region.

In a playful way program teaches pupils to communicate and see their environment in terms of foreign visitors, identify their interests, needs and priorities when visiting Slovakia. They learn about culture and traditions of other countries which help them to prepare offers for visitors. The result of their work is their own order catalogue, business plan, promotional materials about the region or an exchange visit to a partner school.


The second year of the program

In case of the two-year version fo the program (JA Travel and Tourism Business) students establish their own student company in the field of tourism, which represents join stock company with real products. They vote their management, based on the market research they prepare their business plan, look for the best regional product, raise their capital by selling shares, deal with marketing, keep books and implements their business plan. Therefore, students apply their theoretical knowledge in the practice. At the end of the school year they dissolve company by account closing, prepare the annual report, pay dividends to the shareholders and liquidate the company in accordance with applicable regulations.


Objectives of the program
  • understand the basic principles of tourism business,
  • present tourism as a source of possible job opportunities, or their own business in the area,
  • support the knowledge of the business environment from the perspective of the provider and recipient of services
  • develop the interest of exploring Slovak regions through the tourists‘ eyes and present them as worth of visitng,
  • experience the real tourism business.


Are you interested in this program? You can contact us on the below mentioned contact. The program is taught in Slovak language only. Teacher training is also carried out in Slovak.


Marián Beluško | program manager | +421 911 268 884 | belusko@jaslovensko.sk