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Me and money

Educational program Me and money offers elementary school teachers possibilitiy to educate their pupils in the area of financial literacy through experiential learning. The program is prepared in accordance with National Financial Literacy Standards Version 1.2.


Target groups:
  • Pupils of 1st – 4th grades of elementary schools,
  • Teachers interested in studying financial literacy,
  • Parents, who help their children with completing tasks.


Objective of the program

The program aims to teach pupils to navigate in the basic concepts of financial literacy and master basic skills for effective management and planning their financial future.



Through the main character Filip and his family pupils get familiar with financial literacy. Filip’s stories are based on real situations and, in an attractive way, they aslo teach pupils that „no pain, no gain“ and that money does not grow on trees.

The program uses learning-by-doing method and activating elements of education. Topics structures make pupils understand them, extend and magnify their capabilities. Textbooks are supplemented with images and attachments for students, experiential activities and methodics for teachers.

Chapter 1 – Money (Money moves the world)

Chapter 2 – Incomes and Expenditures (Incomes – „No pain, no gain“, Expenditures – Everything has its value)

Chapter 3 - Home economics (Count everything properly first!)

Chapter 4 - Bank as money manager (Wealth is what you save, not what you spend )

Chapter 5 – How we pay (Money moves the world)

Chapter 6 – To borrow? (Money does not grow on trees.)

Chapter 7 - Risk and insurance (Money not fall from the sky to anyone)


Program implementation

Program is flexible for schools. Implementation of the program depends on schools possibilities and decisions. Any number of pupils, classes and teachers can be involved. Me and money program’s fee is 30, - € for one academic year (regardless of the number of participating teachers, classes and pupils). You can fill in the application form here.


Teachers‘ training
  • Training of the teachers is carried out in accordance with continuous innovative education
  • After a successful completion of the continuous innovative education as a whole, teacher can get 25 credits
  • Only a teacher properly trained by JA Slovakia can implement this program
  • More information about the education.


Are you interested in this program? You can contact us on the below mentioned contact. The program is taught in Slovak language only. Teacher training is also carried out in Slovak.


Peter Kalčevský | program director| +421 905 202 442 | kalcevsky@jaslovensko.sk