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More than Money

The aim of the educational program More than Money is to increase financial literacy of elementary and high schools pupils and teach them how to make financial plans for their future. The program was developed in cooperation between JA Slovakia with Slovenská sporiteľňa foundation and in accordance with the requirements of the National Standards of Financial Literacy.


Target group

Primary target group of the project are eight and nine graders of elementary schools and students of all the high schools grades. There is an opportunity for leisure centres and childrens‘ homes to join the project as well. Secundary target group are teachers who decided to broaden their pedagogical skills in the field of financial literacy. Tertiary target group are parents, extended family and acquaintances with whom pupils discuss their school assignments and homework.


About the program

The content of the program is divided into 10 thematic units, which include the history of money, the role of banks and their services to the population, through practical information and experience in the use of credit cards up to the use of different loan forms and student loans. Chapters are to prepare young people to problem solving in the work with money and enforce the development of knowledge in the field of financial education and literacy. Improvement of financial literacy among young people in the program is implemented through experiential methods, consultants, practical exercises and interactive online textbook.

Pupils and teachers have an interactive e-learning book at their disposal, therefore we recommed the realization of the program in a computer lab with Internet access.

This educational program is possible to teach as a year-round program or as an extracurricular acitivity.


Are you interested in this program? You can contact us on the below mentioned contact. The program is taught in Slovak language only. Teacher training is also carried out in Slovak.


Peter Kalčevský | program director| +421 905 202 442 | kalcevsky@jaslovensko.sk