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Basic Business

Educational program Basic Business is a free-time program for fifith and sixth graders of elementary schools. Its aim is to provide pupils practical information about the organization and functioning of the company in the system of free enterprise. Volunteer consultants from a real world of business lead pupils through 5-7 lessons with 5 mail topics and provide contact between economic theory and the practical world economy and trade.


Objectives of the program:
  • Supplement traditional elementary schools curriculum by concepts for developing business and economic skills and financial literacy,
  • develop pupils' knowledge about the functioning and management of economic activities, the responsibilities of business in the system of free market economy,
  • encourage pupils to look for the possibilities of their future professions,
  • be positive models of teens and adults for elementary school pupils.


Five topics pupils learn:


In a playfull way pupils become familiar with the world of finance and the basic terms of financial literacy. They get to know the use of money and basic principles of economy.


Pupils are able to appoint and exemplify the resources needed to start a business; explain the importance of education in preparing workers and managers; identify the causes or "incentives" for setting up a business; appoint the costs of setting; distinguish three basic forms of business organization and ownership.


They can distinguish various individual management decisions; features, which the employers emphasize on during staff recruitment; appoint and justify the basic criteria for determining their possible professions and to successfully manage the interview to work; explain the role of education for their future careers.


Through a practical experience they can understand the difference between the piece and mass production; calculate labor productivity; define important terms related to the production; describe how management decisions affect productivity.


They understand the principles of marketing and can appoint activities related to marketing; explain advertisement; define the different methods used in advertising in newspapers or magazines; appoint and describe the principles of effective personal sales.


Are you interested in this program? You can contact us on the below mentioned contact. The program is taught in Slovak language only. Teacher training is also carried out in Slovak.


Erika Holičová | program manager | +421 948 466 123| holicova@jaslovensko.sk